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Shipping time

The delivery time depends on the carrier,
DHL slow but cheap,
UPS fast but expensive
and the destination country.

The delivery time is mentioned beside each article:

1. Ready for shipment

If the article descprition says "ready for shipment" , it means we have  the article in stock and can ship it the same or next day.

Do not send us delivery inquiries if the article is ready for shipment, because we will not answer it.
Ready for shipment is ready for shipment and nothing else.

2. Shipping time 3 - 14 days. It means we get the article in next days or we have to order it. If it is important for you or if you are in a hurry and you want to know a more exactly date like 1 week, 10 days , 12 days or 14 days send us an delivery time inquiry.

3. Beside the article is the button: "
I am interested, send info if available. "
    Those articles are brandnew and not available yet
    they are very old and not requested much
   they are very special or expensive.

  It means not that the delivey time is weeks or months. Example: BST carbon wheels are marked with "I am interested, send info if available. "
  But the delivery time is only 7 - 10 days. Before we accept orders for those articles we like to talk with the customer.

Sample of shipping with Ups to United States - 3 days:

Tracking Number



0.60 KGS


UPS Express Saver®

Shipped / Billed On

04/13/2020 xxx

Delivered On

04/16/2020 10:21 A.M.   xxx

Delivered To


Left At Front Door


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